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Get Menopause Symptom Relief Now!!!
Delivering Snuggle-Cool TechnologyTM      
When being a Hot Cougar.....

Isn't everything it is made out to be.....

Cool the Fire & Calm the Spirit

Hug your
MenoPawsPalsTM compliments traditional Menopause therapy by bringing a low tech, noninvasive, reusable and comforting solution to the challenges of emotional agitation, hot flushes & hot flashes, night sweats and cold flashes that women go through during Perimenopause & Menopause - the change of life.
Order Your MenoPawsPalTM Today!

Introducing Menopause Management SystemsTM a holistic therapy - 

Hold, hug, snuggle, cuddle and sleep with your MenoPawsPalTM to

  • feel better
  • cool off
  • and assist in regaining your sanity!

Message from our founder

For those of us who have experienced the instant eruption of a menopause power surge that makes us want to simultaneously rip off all of our clothes and rip off the heads of our lovers and friends who are merely trying to comfort us – we give you – the MenoPawsPalsTM.

With Snuggle-Cool TechnologyTM our Pals will help you feel cool when the heat is on AND comfort you once the power surge (Hot Flash or Flush) has passed.

As much as we love our partners we don't want to subject them to the sweaty remnants of our thermostat spike. Our MenoPawsPalsTM provide welcome relief & comfort.

Susanita, CEO (Chief Executive Overheated)
Check out Susanita's Menopause Blog below or at  Menopause Sucks
Email Susanita with your thoughts, stories, challenges, frustrations, management successes....

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A Hottie just a chillin...

We have become good friends with Female Fat Loss Over Forty.

Female Fat Loss Over Forty

Shawna, Fitness Expert and Master Trainer and author of the Female Fat Loss Over Forty Program has created a Menopause Q & A, and offers a "Jump Start to Fitness" Home Workout Plan! For free.
Check it out at the links above and hope you get the Menopause relief & fat loss help you deserve.

Menopause Sucks
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Jun 23, 2010 09:56AM

Annual Physical and Menopause Check-in

Well I just had my annual physical. Is it just me or is there nothing more humiliating than having someone other than my partner rooting around the nether regions of my body! They can send a man to the moon but they can’t figure out how to create a non-invasive pap test! Don’t get me […]

Apr 14, 2010 08:00PM

Sage and Hot Flashes

I’m not sure what is working but something is making a difference! I didn’t realize it until I was at my doctor’s office yesterday to renew my happy pill prescription and being the good doctor he is, my doctor asked me in detail about my symptoms and upon reflection, I think my hot flashes have […]

Mar 27, 2010 07:27PM

A New Strategy for Menopause Symptoms

I have been on “happy pills” for my hot flashes for over a year now and they seem to be losing their effectiveness. I am experiencing hot flashes many times throughout the day and of course several times every night. My MenoPawsPalhelps me to feel betterand sleep better at night, but I still wake up […]

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